Solar Rechargeable Power Bank & Torch

  • $49.99
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We've said it before and we'll say it again, here at HunkyMonkey we don't sell junk, we do all of the legwork for you and test 100's of products to find the best.

The same applies to this product, we have put 20+ solar power banks through their paces and have had mixed results. Long story short, based on all features we have here the best possible solar power bank you can get for the price, we promise! 

  • High capacity 8000mAh internal rechargeable battery (can charge a smartphone over 5 times) 
  • Charges with sunlight 
  • Has 2 USB ports that can charge 2 devices simultaneously 
  • 4 fold-able sheets for fast 8 Watt real time solar charging 
  • Waterproof/weather proof
  • Han-gable hook for convenient charging
  • Compact design L/W/H=155x81.5x15.5mm
  • Extremely light 260g durable design
  • Built in bright LED flashlight
  • Charging % indicator lights

On a full charge it has enough juice to keep you going for days, when you eventually manage to deplete the battery all you have to do is unfold the solar flaps and it will begin to charge the huge internal rechargeable battery. 

There are indicator lights which show you when it's 0%, 25%, 50% 75% & 100% full so you know exactly how what's going on. You'll never be caught out again!

So, why not harness the power of the Sun instead of always restricting yourself to an awkward fixed mains plug? Regardless of what you want to charge be it a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or any other smart device, you can't get much better than this.....even if you don't want to use the solar panels you can use it as a normal powerbank, but then again why would you get this if you wasn't after a solar charger?

*Random colour will be provided unless you specify otherwise*