About us

HunkyMonkey has one goal: great products, great service, great prices, no monkeying around! We're committed to bringing you top banana stuff so you can swing in style. We go ape for our products and we know they'll ap-peel to you too!

Our tail starts in 2016 when we opened doors in London, but we've since climbed down to sunny California. Our location may have changed, but we're still the same chimp-ions we always were. Because hey, this might be a monkeys' business, but this is no monkey business!

And we'll never make a monkey of you either: if you have a problem let us know and we'll fix it right away, or we'll be a monkey's uncle. All our packages are tracked and insured, so you'll never have to be a howler, and our customer service is second banana to none. We like to treat our customers like 600 pound gorillas: we think you should get whatever you want!

So hey, thanks for Gibbon us a chance!

(And yes, we did use this about page as one big marmoset-up for monkey jokes. ;P )