Lazy No Tie Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces

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On Average We Spend 6 Hours & 40 minutes Tying & Untying Our Laces A Year Which Is About 512 Hours In A Lifetime!

Are you tired of always tying your shoes up?

Then make a simple switch to these awesome laces, elasticated rubber shoe laces that are a revolutionary new way to fasten your footwear, turning them into stress free slip ons! They make a good replacement for traditional laces you tie up.

Each pack of contains 16 laces, enough for every average pair of shoes, and come in a fantastic range of colours that are not only practical but add plenty of style. A great part of the fun is being able to customise your look with a wide range of designs. So try them for yourself and you'll instantly feel the difference of having footwear you can easily slip on!

  • Unique Elastic Lacing System In A Pack Of 16 Laces (for sneakers) & 10 Laces (for smart shoes) For One Pair Of Shoes.
  • Laces Come In A One Size Fits All Measurement And Can Stretch To Fit All Shoe Types.
  • Slip Your Shoes On And Off By Replacing Your Standard Laces With A Set Of Lazy Laces.
  • Completely Snug And Secure, Never Worry About Tying Laces Again.
  • Fits all shoes.