Weather Proof LED **Lightsaber** Umbrella With Flash Light

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An umbrella that matches your style & image!

This is the ultimate umbrella for those winter moonlight golfing sessions
The coolest thing on the market right now. When fully lit up, the umbrella looks like a Lightsaber!!!

Please do not mistake these for the older down-market 1st generation ones. These are the new 2nd generation ultra bright led fiber optic umbrella's, which are a lot brighter, more durable, and have increased battery life (more light efficient due to better fiber optic technology)

Unisex suitable for anyone, perfect present for Christmas or birthdays and especially for star wars fans!
Futuristic design with bright glowing multi-colour fiber optic umbrella shaft.

Chrome metallic flush easy grip handle, with led torch at the end of handle

In built lightsaber colours to choose from - red, green, blue, orange, sky blue, neon purple, pink, and the colour changing mode where it fades through all the colours in around 5 seconds - a very attractive eye catching effect indeed!!!

Material: Metal
Size: 48-53cm radius
Function: Hanging
Panel Material: Pongee
Umbrella fold length: 82cm