Cute Weather Proof Pocket Banana Umbrella

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As we know, an umbrella is an indispensable tool in our daily life, particularly in the UK! Thus, here we are pleased to introduce this Retractable Folding Personalized Banana Umbrella.

Designed with lightweight yet sturdy, solid and waterproof material, this umbrella is portable and durable as well as compact.

No matter if the sun's out or it's pouring down, this umbrella will prevent you from being soaked or sunburnt.

Make a statement and brighten up that murky, miserable cloudy, rainy day!

  • This unique design encases the umbrella, so everyone will think you love bananas!
  • No need to find a big, unoccupied space and leave it out to dry, just slide it back in the cute case
  • Just pull out the bud to easily slide out the umbrella
  • Easy folding, waterproof and UV protection 
  • Reinforced shaft & frame for strength and flexibility 
  • Canopy and sheath made of durable water-repellent material 
  • Cute cartoon style, a must for students, office and fashonista ladies

Material: Aluminum Alloy Tube
Size: 48-53cm radius
Function: Folding
Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella
Age Group: Adults
Panel Material: Pongee
Umbrella Fold Length: 28CM
Umbrella weight: 205 g