Guitar String Cleaner

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  • Cleaning strings is no longer awkward and time consuming
  • Extends the life and preserves the tone of guitar strings
  • No cleaning solution necessary
  • Cleanable microfiber pads for long term low maintenance use

Let's face it, you know you're supposed to clean your strings to keep them sounding good and in great shape. But actually cleaning them- that's a real pain! You have to get a cloth, pinch each string, and go up and down the fretboard, one string at a time. (And unless you have flatwounds, that cloth isn't going to last either!)

So you don't clean them, and your strings get dirty with finger oils, dead skin, and who knows what else. It kills your tone and forces you to spend even more time and money replacing the strings. All because it's too big of a pain to clean them in the first place.

Enter: The Guitar String Cleaner. In a few seconds you can remove all the gross string gunk holding back your tone. No cleaning solution required! The revolutionary design allows for 360 degrees of cleaning power. It features specially designed microfiber pads, which are easy to clean. All it takes to freshen up is a little running water and a drop of liquid soap. It also features fret ramps so there is no possibility of it damaging frets. And it works for bass strings too!

Best of all, it's yours FREE! Just pay shipping and this little time saver is on it's way to you.

And while you're at it, if you really care about string maintenance, take things to the next level with the 2 in 1 Guitar Rust Cleaner/Lubricator Pen. The 2 in 1 Pen cleans off rust and other junk, then lubricates your strings for the maximum protection, and the easiest playing!

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